Regulatory Pressure Puts Financial Sector in "Block & Tackle Mode"
Financial institutions are facing a number of challenges—not the least of which is increasing regulation in the wake of the market crisis. Many risk managers are understandably concerned, and even nervous, about where… READ MORE >
  |   10.31.2014
Not All Banks Created Equal - Disparity in Lending by Asset Size
Capital for real estate deals is becoming increasingly available—at least on an aggregate level. Originations of commercial real estate loans are now well above the lows of 2009 and 2010. On another positive… READ MORE >
  |   10.31.2014
Bank IT Spending in 2014 to Focus on Efficiency
The market forecasts for 2014 are more promising than they have been since 2007. With the downturn receding into the rear view mirror–but the lessons learned still in sharp focus, there is more… READ MORE >
  |   10.31.2014
Are Drones a “Game Changer for the Real Estate Industry?”
Author: Kathy Satterfield Interest Is Spiking Amidst Regulatory Uncertainty Look! Up in the sky. It’s a bird; it’s a plane… It’s a drone!  Drones are the hottest technology trend of 2014, and you… READ MORE >
  |   10.16.2014
2015 Outlook Generally Positive, ScoreKeeper Shows Transactions Expand from Primary Metros
Earlier this week, I gave a presentation, RISK MANAGEMENT TRENDS IN THE 2ND ACT OF MARKET RECOVERY, at the RTM Contaminated Properties Transactions conference in Philadelphia. There were three general themes to my… READ MORE >
  |   10.08.2014