1Q19 Construction Lending Update
NOTE TO READERS: This article was just published in the inaugural edition of the CLRM Journal, a publication dedicated to construction lender risk management and distributed to construction lenders and equity capital providers nationwide. The article is reprinted here with permission from the publisher, Partner Engineering and Science, Inc.     Trends to Watch in the New Year As the new year gets underway, recession chatter is growing. Notwithstanding the ongoing federal shutdown at press time, virtually every economic barometer… READ MORE >
Five Take-Aways from the 2018 Benchmark Survey of Environmental Consultants
Last summer, EDR conducted its 2018 Benchmark Survey of Environmental Consultants. Nearly 500 consultants from across the U.S. took the time to share their thoughts on such hot-button issues as  average pricing and… READ MORE >
  |   01.29.2019
Government Shutdown Puts Federal Lending Programs on Hold
“Due to the lapse of government funding, SBA will remain inactive until further notice.”  As we all settle back into work in the New Year,  be aware that the partial federal government shutdown… READ MORE >
  |   01.03.2019
Will the week end with a government shutdown?
It’s hard to tell right now. The good news for EDR customers: in the event of a government shutdown, you won’t have to worry about access to the data you rely on to… READ MORE >
  |   12.20.2018
“Mentoring gave me a new perspective. And when you do it right—whether as a mentor or a mentee—it’s life changing.” Those are the words that stuck with me after the Massachusetts Conference for… READ MORE >
  |   12.20.2018
Forget the radius ring. Mobile data reveals more.
Recently, EDR hosted a webinar on Retail Site Selection in Today’s Era of Transformation. Gregg Katz, Director of Innovation & Technology for the Atlanta Shopping Center Group, shared the story of how… READ MORE >
  |   12.18.2018
EDR Recognized for Commercial Real Estate Tech
EDR was recognized for its innovative approach to due diligence and risk management that helps companies make better informed business decisions, faster. EDR placed in the Real Estate Tech Awards (RETA) in the… READ MORE >
  |   12.13.2018
Omnichannel and the Halo Effect
Recently, EDR hosted a webinar on Retail Site Selection in Today’s Era of Transformation.  Stephanie Cegielski, VP Public Relations for ICSC, discussed the big trend among retailers of diversifying from an exclusively… READ MORE >
  |   12.13.2018
Legal Viewpoint: Ten Things Affecting Today's Property Deals
“One size does not fit all…whether it’s panty hose or environmental due diligence.” At last week’s EDR Due Diligence at Dawn event in Chicago, I had the pleasure of introducing well-known Chicago environmental… READ MORE >
  |   12.04.2018