We understand that efficiency, accuracy, ease of use and cost are important concerns for insurance companies. We offer optimal solutions that help you conduct environmental review on commercial properties you are considering insuring. Our solutions deliver fast answers, enabling you to avoid delays in the underwriting process while keeping costs down and enhancing your competitive advantages.

Our information is easy to incorporate into underwriting processes to achieve immediate benefits. Using our turnkey solutions, you can quickly launch a high-throughput system to review properties for environmental concerns. Leading insurance firms have partnered with us to streamline their environmental review processes for underwriting and claims operations.

Through our online platform, Collateral360, underwriters can significantly improve their workflow, consolidating several disparate processes into one collaborative workspace.



  • Current government environmental records and historical-use sources on properties throughout the United States
  • Quick online environmental screens of locations to be insured
  • Subscription-based solutions for cost-effective environmental review process