Developing Leaders Program

Inspired by the Developing Leaders Award category at our annual PRISM conference, this initiative was conceived as an opportunity to provide education and mentor/mentee connections to spread the insights of business leaders, and provide newer professionals with the tools and resources they need to meet their professional development goals. The program is designed to:

  • Encourage the business development of up-and-coming risk management or due diligence professionals in the commercial real estate (CRE) lending and environmental consulting sectors;
  • Provide access to subject matter experts in career development, networking, job advancement and other tools to advance their careers in the property risk management sector;
  • Encourage avenues of communication between and among the CRE risk management developing leaders community;
  • Further the development of tomorrow’s industry leaders by providing education and mentor/mentee programs to leverage the industry knowledge of prominent business leaders; and
  • Provide young professionals the tools and resources they need to fulfill their education and professional development goals


Read Developing Leaders Program FAQs here.


January 8, 2019
New Developing Leaders Program: Nurturing Tomorrow’s Leaders
Program kickoff by founders

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