Managing PFAS Risks in Due Diligence

Polyfluoroalkyl substances (or PFAS) are a group of man-made chemicals associated with surfactants used in fire-fighting foams as well as surface treatments for fabric, upholstery, food containers, and metals. PFAS are considered an “emerging contaminant”.  Scientists have found associations with PFAS exposure and increased incidences of cancer.  As with other types of property risk like asbestos and vapor, the science identifying the risk develops first and then the regulations follow. To address this uncertainty, EDR has assembled the following resources to help you understand PFAS risks and factors to consider in your environmental due diligence practice.

PFAS Resources:

PFAS and Due Diligence Webinar Replay

Over 2,000 due diligence professionals have tuned into this important and timely webinar. Listen to the replay to learn practical information you need to identify and manage PFAS risks during property due diligence.

Watch the Replay




Q&A From EDR’s PFAS and Due Diligence Webinar: Here’s What You Need to Know

Working with SGS, we’ve created an FAQ document to help you find answers to pressing PFAS questions.

Read the Q&A




SGS’s PFAS User Guide

This handy user guide provides an overview of SGS’s testing services and process regarding PFAS sampling.

Download the User Guide

We Help Manage PFAS Risks on Your Projects

We’re adding data to the EDR radius map to help identify if PFAS may be a concern for your project. To learn more about available sources in your area, please contact us.