EDR helps real estate lenders such as banks, credit unions, capital investors and others with their property due diligence needs by simplifying their lending operations, improving risk management, and meeting ever increasing regulatory demands. We provide access to data so lenders have the reports they need to make critical business decisions, all in a secure environment.

Collateral360® helps commercial and residential lenders significantly improve their workflow by consolidating several disparate processes into one collaborative workspace. Through a single dashboard, lending staff can perform a multitude of tasks. From procuring services and managing vendors such as appraisers and consultants, to screening and monitoring environmental risks, the platform ensures that all collateral is managed to bank policy.

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RIMS – Real Estate Information Management System

Banks of all sizes use RIMS to gain more insight into their own data, make better lending decisions, increase speed-to-market, and maintain compliance. RIMS is a solution for managing commercial and residential appraisals, environmental reviews, construction inspections, evaluations and other property reports.

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LoanCheck® Environmental Reports

EDR’s LoanCheck® products provide a cost-effective and sensible approach to managing environmental risk on small balance loans. This includes loans backed by the U.S. Small Business Administration that require as Record Search with Risk Assessment, or conventional commercial loans that may not require a full-scale Phase I site assessment.

LoanCheck® RSRA, an SBA-compliant Record Search with Risk Assessment that meets the latest requirements for researching historical property uses. We’ve taken our industry-leading LoanCheck® Plus product and enhanced it with the addition of:
  • aerial photos to expand historical research sources
  • advanced geocoding to increase mapping accuracy and precision
  • EDR LightBox® review tool to enhance the quality of the opinion provider’s review

And, available in just 5-7 business days, LoanCheck® RSRA won’t delay the closing of your SBA transactions.

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