Lenders’ Interest in Construction Builds With Market Confidence
As confidence returns to the housing market, financial institutions are treading back into the waters of lending on construction and development projects in metros like Miami, San Francisco, Chicago and Manhattan. The loans… READ MORE >
  |   06.28.2013
Commercial Property Market Intell Report - 2Q13
AUTHOR: Anthony J. Buonicore, CEO, The Buonicore Group After growing at a solid pace in the first quarter, economic growth appears to have slowed somewhat during the second quarter, reflecting continuing difficulties in… READ MORE >
  |   06.26.2013
Commercial Real Estate Recovery: Who's Leading the Charge?
Believe it or not, we are quickly approaching the mid-year mark and the market continues to recover—but in baby steps rather than in long strides. Demand for commercial properties is up as developments… READ MORE >
  |   06.13.2013