Introducing High-Risk Historical Records
See a more recent product update here.  We are always looking for ways to improve the accuracy and completeness of our flagship product, the EDR Radius Map report. So, when we were thinking… READ MORE >
  |   12.31.2012
The Case for the Return of CMBS
AUTHOR: Tom Fink, Trepp LLC The United States and global commercial mortgage backed securities (CMBS) markets experienced sharp declines in issuance tied to the 2007–2008 financial crisis and have been slow to recover.… READ MORE >
  |   12.21.2012
Investors Scramble to Close Deals by Year-End
Investors Scramble to Close Deals by Year-End December always brings a rush among investors to close real estate transactions by year-end. But this year, the flood of deals has been much larger than… READ MORE >
  |   12.20.2012
EDR's ASTM E 1527 Revisions Webinar: Q&A
Below is EDR Insight’s summary of the most interesting questions that were submitted by the attendees of the December 14th webinar titled Upcoming Revisions to ASTM E 1527: Are You Prepared for 2013?… READ MORE >
  |   12.18.2012
Copy the Success of Successful Companies
As the year draws to a close, we are bringing you strategic food for thought this week by Mark Zweig, Chairman and CEO of ZweigWhite. Below he shares his thoughts on what separates READ MORE >
  |   12.14.2012
Dianne Crocker Shares Strategies for Winning Firms
Dianne shares her tips for best practices of winning environmental consulting firms.  
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  |   12.12.2012
The ASTM E 1527 Standard - Update on Proposed Changes
Remember when the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s All Appropriate Inquiries rule took effect back in 2005? For the first time since then, there will soon be a revised version of ASTM E 1527—perhaps… READ MORE >
  |   12.11.2012
What Lenders Need to Know About Changes to ASTM E1527-05
What Lenders Need to Know About Changes to ASTM E1527-05 Lenders across the nation will be updating their due diligence policies to require vapor migration screens as a standard part of their Phase… READ MORE >
  |   12.04.2012