Introducing High-Risk Historical Records

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We are always looking for ways to improve the accuracy and completeness of our flagship product, the EDR Radius Map report. So, when we were thinking about important information that might not make it into a normal government records search, but is critical for helping environmental professionals identify RECs, we thought about how historical sources like city directories might be integrated into database reports.

After some brainstorming and discussion with environmental professionals, we came up with EDR Exclusive High-Risk Historical Records (HRHR). This data set replaces and adds to the former EDR Proprietary Database and is only available to EDR customers through the EDR Radius Map with or without GeoCheck, and the VEC App.

So what is HRHR?
We’ve painstakingly searched millions of city directories from EDR’s City Directory Super Library for indications of the riskiest historical uses: dry cleaners, gas and auto-repair stations, and coal gas operations. All of these records have been geocoded so you can see their location in relation to your target property within a quarter of a mile, hence inclusion in the EDR Radius Map Reports. We have coverage for the entire U.S. from early century to the present day. As we begin 2013, expect us to add even more years of coverage from our partnership with Coles Information.

How should you use this information?
The results of the HRHR can be useful when identifying RECs from sources of off-site contamination, which might not be found in your historical research and/or could be overlooked. In the context of flagging vapor encroachment conditions (VECs), old gas stations and dry cleaners are common culprits. Contamination from these operations can migrate as vapors and impact your target property.

Where can you find HRHR information in your reports?
You’ll see the description of the HRHR in the executive summary of your EDR Radius Map report. You’ll find a list of flagged sites for your search radius with links to the site details.


The EDR VEC App is a web-based analytical tool that allows you to quickly revisit your E1527-05 government records data through the lens of the E2600 Tier I screening process. The E2600 screen employs slightly different database considerations and search distances based on groundwater flow assumptions, soil characteristics, types of contaminants present, and other vapor-disqualifying criteria. HRHR records will be seamlessly integrated with your VEC App alongside other EDR government records data.

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