Progress: ASTM E1527 Steps Closer to Revised Version
A few weeks ago, I blogged about the ASTM E1527 task group’s meeting in Atlanta, GA. At that time, the task group worked through about a dozen negative votes to the most recent… READ MORE >
  |   11.29.2012
Environmental Risk Management - A Real World Perspective
“A negative, or rather extremely conservative, mindset is prevalent in today’s market. Many investors are analyzing assets based on the ‘what-could-go-wrong?’ view versus spending time focusing on ‘what-could-go-right?’ This has had an impact READ MORE >
  |   11.16.2012
SBA Program Looks at Increased Funding for 2013
The Federal Government will remain committed to the Small Business Administration as a vehicle to help stimulate the economy and grow jobs as the SBA looks to be one of only a handful… READ MORE >
  |   11.16.2012
Environmental Consultants Roundtable - Preparing for the Phase I Market in 2020
EDR Insight attended the Environmental Consultants Roundtable (ECR) meeting that took place during the ASTM gathering in Atlanta in late October. The ECR covered many great topics as it set out to create READ MORE >
  |   11.13.2012
Surviving your Serengeti - What Animal Are You?
At last week’s Rusk O’Brien Gido Growth & Ownership Strategies conference in Fort Myers, the keynote speaker, Stefan Swanepoel, was there to talk about his New York Times bestseller, Surviving Your Serengeti: 7 READ MORE >
  |   11.12.2012
Coal Ash Pond Suspected of Causing Illness in Georgia
Some residents in Juliet, Georgia are standing by and watching as neighborhood houses are bought up and torn down, according to this CNN article. The problem stems from a neighborhood that appears to… READ MORE >
  |   11.08.2012
Property Owners Settle Case Involving Old Storage Tanks
Property owners in Victor, N.Y., have prevailed in a case involving some 70-year-old petroleum storage tanks that contaminated their property, according to this article. The case stems from cleanup at a property adjacent… READ MORE >
  |   11.01.2012