Property Owners Settle Case Involving Old Storage Tanks

Property owners in Victor, N.Y., have prevailed in a case involving some 70-year-old petroleum storage tanks that contaminated their property, according to this article.

The case stems from cleanup at a property adjacent to a new town hall under construction. Contractors unearthed several tanks and punctured one. The tanks were believed to have been left behind by former businesses that included a car dealership and a gas station. One of the tanks leaked fuel oil and groundwater while the other spilled motor oil. After the spills, the contractor removed contaminated earth as close as possible to the plaintiffs’ building and then hired a firm to do environmental testing. Both air and water tests were negative at that point.

A business on the plaintiffs’ land lost profits and the property’s value was decreased. The town paid the owners $65,000 to settle the claim and avoid an adverse judgement that would name it as the liable party.