Paralyzing Worries
Written by Mark C Zweig, Founder of ZweigWhite News on the slow pace of market recovery can be discouraging, even debilitating. Yet worrying about the future does not need to be paralyzing. For READ MORE >
  |   08.27.2012
Industrial Real Estate Remains The Little Engine That Could
AUTHOR: KC Conway, Executive Managing Director at Colliers International While interest in the industrial sector hasn’t been nearly as robust as “hotter” sectors like apartments and retail, there are still growth opportunities and READ MORE >
  |   08.27.2012
Requirements for Environmental Screening on Residential Properties Outlined in Recent Report
Environmental screening is a firmly established practice in commercial real estate transactions but remains infrequent, at best, in single family residential transactions despite reoccurring issues for all parties involved. With the emergence of… READ MORE >
  |   08.21.2012
The EDR Radius Map Just Got More Powerful in FL
As more information becomes available on state environmental agency websites, the data compiled in your EDR Radius Map Report is becoming even more powerful. States like California, Florida and Texas are digitizing their… READ MORE >
  |   08.20.2012
Ensuring Quality - Questions to Ask Your Environmental Professional
Making headlines this summer in the world of environmental due diligence was the news out of California that the state was discontinuing its Registered Environmental Assessor, or REA, program, effective July 1st. This… READ MORE >
  |   08.15.2012
New Industry Organization Seeks Input
The Environmental Consultant Roundtable (ECR) has launched a survey this week to collect information from environmental consultants across the country. The group, which was born out of a meeting in early 2012, aims… READ MORE >
  |   08.15.2012
Office Demand Steady on Strength of Energy, Education Centers
AUTHOR: KC Conway of Colliers International Recovery in the office sector remains elusive at the national level, but there is a shift in demand underway as engines of growth from the energy, technology… READ MORE >
  |   08.15.2012
RIP, REA: EPs React to Roll Back of Long-Standing Program
As of July 1, California axed its Registered Environmental Assessor (REA) program—25 years after it was created—amid questions about its usefulness and applicability:
  • “In order to avoid confusion and to ensure consistency with
  |   08.14.2012
How Current Are The Thresholds In Your Environmental Policy?
The process of setting thresholds for environmental due diligence in lender policies has evolved over the past few decades. In the early days of environmental due diligence on commercial real estate, it was… READ MORE >
  |   08.02.2012
The City Directory Super Library is Born!
In the spring of 2012, EDR acquired a collection of over 3,000 historical city directory books, many which are the only remaining copy and were set to be disposed of forever. We are… READ MORE >
  |   08.02.2012