The EDR Radius Map Just Got More Powerful in FL

As more information becomes available on state environmental agency websites, the data compiled in your EDR Radius Map Report is becoming even more powerful. States like California, Florida and Texas are digitizing their environmental records, making access to this information easier than ever for environmental consultants, but at the same time adding to the amount of information that might need to be reviewed in order to meet ASTM E1527’s “reasonably ascertainable” and “practically reviewable” thresholds.

Over the years, EDR has made facility report information for sites in California, Minnesota, Georgia and Texas available through a link in the Radius Map Report. Now, we are excited to announce that Florida has joined the list! We’ve added the ability to link directly from your EDR Radius Map Report to Florida’s OCULUS system for landfills, hazardous waste sites, Emergency & Remedial Response Information System list, Moffit list, Eckhardt list and other hazardous sites lists in the state.

Want to give it a try? Check out these Map Findings in this sample from a site in Florida.
Just hit the “Click Here for Florida OCULUS” link. Once on the OCULUS page, click the “Public OCULUS Login” button. You’ll be taken directly to the information related to the specific map finding in your EDR Radius Map!

One of the best features of these hyperlinks is that they can also be accessed upfront in the Executive Summary and the EDR Radius Map Summary Report, so you don’t have to go searching through pages of Map Findings. Try it on your next order.

Here is a complete list of all the databases that EDR currently links to in our Radius Map Reports:

CA Military Cleanup Sites Listings
CA Land Disposal Sites Listing
CA Spills, Leaks Investigations and Cleanup
CA Leaking Underground Storage Tanks
MN What’s in My Neighborhood
WI Registry of Waste Disposal Sites
GA Voluntary Cleanup Plans
TX EDIMS- City of Austin Online Document Search
TX Leaking Petroleum Storage Tanks
FL Hazardous Waste Sites
FL SITES- Other Florida hazardous waste sites
FL Landfill

We are also working on adding links for all tank related databases in Florida. This will include underground storage tank, above ground storage tank, leaking underground storage tank and leaking above ground storage tank databases. These hyperlinks will be live before September 1, 2012, so stay tuned!

We’re happy to announce the following databases are now also linked directly from your EDR Radius Map details, executive summary and summary report to Florida OCULUS. FL UST, AST, LUST, LAST FL Drycleaners FL Engineering Controls FL Institutional Controls FL Brownfields FL Priority Cleaners