What's Driving Retail Real Estate Recovery & Who's Getting There First
AUTHOR: KC Conway Executive Managing Direct at Colliers International As they buy new sites to expand their reach, retailers are an important driver of demand for property assessment services. Thousands of retail properties,… READ MORE >
  |   07.27.2012
Groups Seeks to Enhance the Image of Phase I Environmental Professionals through Unified Voice
The third meeting of the Phase I Environmental Consultants Roundtable (ECR) met during last month’s Environmental Bankers’ Association (EBA) meeting in Newport, RI. The group was formed in January and meets four times… READ MORE >
  |   07.24.2012
How current is your data?
You probably know that ASTM E1527-05 includes language regarding the currency of government records searched as part of a Phase I ESA. But, did you know that E1527 also requires that updates to… READ MORE >
  |   07.23.2012
Latest Environmental Risk Aversion Index Reflects Uncertain Market
Aversion to environmental risk by commercial real estate lenders continues to be elevated in today’s highly uncertain economic climate, although the recent tightening of environmental due diligence standards eased in the latest quarter.… READ MORE >
  |   07.19.2012
Risk Aversion Elevated, Metro Hot Spots from Today’s EBA Call
I spoke on today’s call of the Environmental Bankers Association Risk Management Committee to share my monthly list of top five observations on the economy, commercial real estate and property assessment markets. Here… READ MORE >
  |   07.19.2012
Five Property Types That Raise Environmental Red Flags
Back in the 1980s and early 1990s, financial institutions commonly based environmental due diligence decisions strictly on loan size. As awareness about environmental risk evolved, a property’s current or past use has also… READ MORE >
  |   07.11.2012
Two Quick Lessons: FastTrack’s “Send Email Link” and Better Serving Clients
Last week while meeting with a longtime EDR client and avid PARCEL FastTrack user, who sets up 100+ FastTrack reports a year, I was reminded about the importance of understanding each client’s unique… READ MORE >
  |   07.03.2012