Two Quick Lessons: FastTrack’s “Send Email Link” and Better Serving Clients

Last week while meeting with a longtime EDR client and avid PARCEL FastTrack user, who sets up 100+ FastTrack reports a year, I was reminded about the importance of understanding each client’s unique needs and workflows. I also realized how a simple feature of PARCEL FastTrack was being overlooked.

During my meeting with the client, I asked her about the process she used from the time of a request, in the case for a Phase I ESA, to report delivery. The client described their entire process and started discussing the delivery of the final report.

At this point, I asked her how often she utilizes the ‘Send Email Link’ when delivering a large report file to her client. This wonderfully convenient feature allows for a secure email with a hyperlink and password to be sent to the client, so the report file(s) can be downloaded no matter their size. This solves a very common problem that arises when files are too large to attach and send via email due to file size restrictions or other mail security settings.

It turns out, this longtime EDR client and avid PARCEL FastTrack user was unaware of this PARCEL feature. Wow. I felt terrible that she hadn’t learned about this feature earlier, especially since it’s been a part of PARCEL since I started working with the team three years ago.

The look and sense of relief from the client and her colleague, whose job it is to assemble and deliver their final reports, was priceless. They mentioned to me that they had wished they’d known about this PARCEL feature when they were stuck in the office one Friday night piecemealing a project via multiple PDFs to their client.

This type of interaction with EDR clients reinforces the power of consultative relationships that not only meet what they perceive as their current needs, but also look to continuously understand their workflows and identify needs they were unaware EDR had a solution for.

In conclusions, it’s easy to ask a client, “Are you happy with the services you are receiving? Do you have any questions or concerns?”, and it’s even easier to end the conversation and log a note that the client couldn’t be happier when they respond with a quick, “No complaints here, everything is just as I need it!” But, when you ask about a client’s process, you can often find new ways to serve them and improve their experience. This is a lesson we can all learn from!

Oh, and don’t forget the “Send Email Link” feature in PARCEL FastTrack! Screen shots below illustrate how to use it.

Step 1: From Assemble Deliverable, select the desired report components and then hit the “Send Email Link” button.

Step 2: Enter the recipient email and modify default email message as desired. Hit send! You can also choose to send a copy of this email to yourself for your own records.


Step 3: Your client will receive an email with a link to assembled report.


You can also assemble a complete portfolio. More on that in a later post! Don’t forget, you can leave us a comment or question below.