To Sell on Value, Lead With Need
This week, EDR’s own Don Grauer hosted a webinar to address the top challenge that environmental professionals face today: winning projects in an intensely competitive market environment. To help environmental professionals tackle this… READ MORE >
  |   06.29.2012
To Sell on Value, Master the P.R.O.C.E.S.S
To some environmental professionals, the thought of selling has negative connotations. Thinking of themselves as salespeople may conjure up unsavory images like slick TV ads that use corny slogans or gadgets to sell… READ MORE >
  |   06.29.2012
Environmental Due Diligence on Refis Up, But Not Without Challenges
This week I delivered a presentation, titled 2012 Mid-Year Update: Commercial Real Estate, Lending and Environmental Due Diligence, at the Environmental Bankers Association meeting in sunny Newport, RI. One of the trends I… READ MORE >
  |   06.13.2012