EDR Wins Green Week Award
EDR recently won the Green Week Award as part of our parent company’s (DMGT) annual Community Champion (CC) Award Program. The program was launched four years in order to identify individuals or teams… READ MORE >
  |   10.20.2016
What CRE Investors Can Expect in a Post-Brexit World
The Brexit vote in June demonstrated how sensitive U.S. commercial real estate and lending markets are to the global economy, and the news was awash with dire predictions about what impact the decision READ MORE >
  |   10.11.2016
Protecting Collateral From Tax Liens
Delinquent property taxes can be a form of loan default, jeopardizing a lender’s lien position and putting collateral at risk. Complicating matters is the fact that monitoring property taxes is no simple task.… READ MORE >
  |   10.10.2016
EDR Insight Q&A: Why Asbestos Is Affecting More Deals Today
Across the United States, old buildings are getting new attention, particularly in downtown areas that are undergoing a resurgence. Along this trend comes heightened attention on asbestos-containing building materials, a non-scope issue under READ MORE >
  |   10.05.2016