Do Your Best Work Faster
For over 25 years, EDR’s goal has been to offer tools and reports that make your work more efficient, effective and enjoyable. Today, we are thrilled to announce the most exciting advancements to… READ MORE >
  |   04.28.2016
How often does a Phase I ESA proceed to a Phase II? What types of issues are driving further investigation? Are clients more risk averse than they were last year? Is it true… READ MORE >
  |   04.25.2016
NJ Case Addresses State's Innocent Landowner Defense
Recent Decision Emphasizes Importance of Environmental Due Diligence General partners held individually liable due to failure to perform proper environmental due diligence prior to acquisition of property in New Jersey. by Douglas Eilender,… READ MORE >
  |   04.20.2016
Guidance on ASTM's REC-HREC-CREC Definitions
ASTM last updated the Phase I ESA E 1527-13 in 2013, yet questions remain about how environmental professionals should be applying the new suite of REC definitions in practice. In response to client… READ MORE >
  |   04.18.2016
Why is Vapor Such a Hot Topic?
EDR Insight hosted a webinar this week titled Seven Things Informed Lenders Should Know About Environmental Due Diligence. Grady Shields, an attorney with Wyrick Robbins Yates and Ponton delivered a comprehensive look at… READ MORE >
  |   04.14.2016