Is Speed More Important Than Price? Are Firms Charging for Faster Phase I ESA Reports? “You want it when?” Ask environmental due diligence consultants what their top challenges are in today’s market, and… READ MORE >
  |   01.27.2016
Feds Warn Banks to Be Prudent: Gentle Warning? Reminder? or High Alert?
Institutions’ commercial real estate lending is once again under fire from regulators. Last month, I published an EDR Insight brief about the OCC’s twice-yearly report from examiners that highlighted an easing of underwriting… READ MORE >
  |   01.14.2016
Why Commercial Real Estate Is Ripe for Innovation
NOTE TO READERS: This blog post appeared on openbox last month and is an extremely interesting read on how the stage is being set for major innovation in commercial real estate due to READ MORE >
  |   01.13.2016
Recovery, Optimism, Caution: A Look at Risk Management in 2016
NOTE TO READERS: This brief, authored by EDR Insight’s Dianne Crocker, was just published in the January 2016 Commercial Real Estate Direct’s Year-End 2015 edition. RECOVERY, OPTIMISM, CAUTION: A LOOK at Risk Management READ MORE >
  |   01.11.2016
Commercial Appraisal Review Forms: Advice for Lenders, Reviewers
EDR Insight is pleased to offer readers the second and final installment in a two-part series on commercial appraisal review forms. Author Mitch Kreeger shares his valuable advice for lenders and reviewers in… READ MORE >
  |   01.04.2016