VENDOR MANAGEMENT: Advice for Lenders in Using Appraisers and Environmental Professionals (Part II of III) In Part I of this series last month, I discussed the basics of why and when to address… READ MORE >
  |   05.19.2015
Dodd-Frank and Vendor Management: “The Exposure Is Real”
Since its passage in 2010, implementation and interpretation of the Dodd-Frank Act has touched nearly every aspect of banking. In this post-crisis era, bank regulators like the OCC and the Federal Reserve are… READ MORE >
  |   05.18.2015
Where the Market Recovery, Environmental Risks and Insurance Overlap
“Loan officers need to realize environmental risks are real and need to be assessed upfront.” I was invited by Ed Morales, senior vice present at Marsh global environmental practice, to speak with two… READ MORE >
  |   05.15.2015
COMMUNITY BANKS: Tip Sheet for Sound Environmental Policy Building
Your Go-To Guide for Getting Started It can be risky business these days for small community banks under intense regulatory scrutiny. When banks provide financing for commercial real estate property purchases, they enter… READ MORE >
  |   05.01.2015