Economists Predict “Little Likelihood of a CRE Downturn in 2015”
Property assessment professionals responsible for forecasting business related to commercial real estate transactions can take solace in the fact that with the market closing in on the end of the first quarter, conditions… READ MORE >
  |   03.18.2015
The FAA Floats Long-Awaited Draft Rules
NOTE TO READERS: The use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), popularly known as drones, is making headlines and has captured the attention of many, especially in the real estate field. Last month, the READ MORE >
  |   03.16.2015
EDR Adds Clear Capital Evaluations & BPOs to Portal Offerings
EDR is pleased to announce we have contracted with Clear Capital to deliver commercial valuation reports through the EDR Lender Portal. Clear Capital is a nationwide provider of residential and commercial real estate… READ MORE >
  |   03.13.2015
Is Your Appraisal Compliance Manual Up to Par?
NOTE TO READERS: In January and February, expert Mitch Kreeger wrote a two-part series on the steps banks can take to survive appraisal compliance audits. Building on that topic, EDR Insight is fortunate READ MORE >
  |   03.10.2015
Harvard Report Sheds Light on Plight of Community Banks
“Particularly troubling is community banks’ declining market share in several key lending markets, their decline in small business lending volume, and the disproportionate losses being realized by particularly small community banks.” The State
  |   03.05.2015