One Firm’s Take On Drones and Landfills
More Questions Than Answers Maybe you’ve noticed all the news articles lately on drones and commercial real estate. Maybe you’re wondering what this new technology means for the future of environmental site assessments.… READ MORE >
  |   08.29.2014
APPRAISAL INSTITUTE: Best Practices Emerge in Accounting for Environmental Contamination in Appraisals
A speaker on a recent EDR Insight webinar, titled An Inside Look at the Challenges Facing Appraisals and Lenders Today, warned attendees that bank regulators are being “very outspoken” about the appraisal-environmental functions… READ MORE >
  |   08.14.2014
The Simplest Ways to Get the Most of the Lender Portal
You may have been coming to EDR for environmental risk information on the properties you lend on for years but, did you know we now offer much more for lenders? You’ve got your… READ MORE >
  |   08.14.2014
U.S. EPA Closes Public Comment Period on Amending AAI Rule
Support for Stripping ASTM E 1527-05 from AAI Rule A number of environmental consultants recently asked us about the status of the U.S. EPA’s efforts to remove the reference to the old ASTM… READ MORE >
  |   08.13.2014
Keeping Multifamily In Check: Fannie Mae's New PNA Guidance
Scotsman Guide just featured an article authored by EDR Insight’s Principal Analyst, Dianne Crocker as one of four “not to miss” articles in this month’s edition. The article, titled Keeping Multifamily in Check, READ MORE >
  |   08.12.2014
This Week’s Fed Lender Survey: Is the Glass Half Full? Or Half Empty?
Signs of Gradual Healing Continue in Lending Sector While all of us were all settling into our work weeks after another summer weekend, the Federal Reserve released its much-anticipated July 2014 Senior Loan… READ MORE >
  |   08.05.2014
NEWS FROM THE OCC: The Good and Not-So-Good on Lender Risk Management
Stern Warning from OCC As Banks Ease Underwriting Loan growth is up moderately, and with it, competition among lenders for new business. Underwriting is easing as a result—and that has regulators concerned. July’s… READ MORE >
  |   08.04.2014