EDR Insight Q & A With Elizabeth Green: Appraisal Reporting Poised for Change
Have smartphone, will travel. Countless new technologies are shaking up how we do things. Mobile apps are revolutionizing the ways we work and play—from organizing our days, communicating with others, managing money, planning… READ MORE >
  |   07.12.2013
Disruptive Technologies Set to Transform the Way We Live and Work
We interrupt this regularly scheduled workday for a very important announcement: The latest and greatest technologies are about to disrupt business as usual. (This message is brought to you by The McKinsey Global… READ MORE >
  |   07.11.2013
Milwaukee “Compliance Summit” Provides Lenders with Regulatory Update
On June 27th EDR held a “Compliance Summit” at Miller Park in Milwaukee where more than sixty lenders got an update on what’s on the horizon in the area of property due diligence… READ MORE >
  |   07.11.2013
Hit the Mark with Energy Efficiency
Posted by Tony Liou of Partner Energy NOTE TO READERS:  With permission from the publisher, Scotsman Guide, and the author, Tony Liou, EDR Insight is grateful to share one engineer’s take on how READ MORE >
  |   07.08.2013