Residential Environmental Compliance in a Post Dodd-Frank Era
AUTHORS: Jack Huntress and Jamie Haberlen With permission by the publisher, RMA Journal, and the authors, EDR’s Jack Huntress and James Haberlen, EDR Insight is sharing this article that appeared in the June READ MORE >
  |   05.30.2013
The Talent War is On - Recruiting and Retaining Talent in a Competitive Job Market
As if there weren’t enough pressures over price, turnaround time and business opportunities, another war is underway in the trenches of the environmental due diligence market, and in the crosshairs—talent. And experience. And… READ MORE >
  |   05.29.2013
Tornadoes Leave Contamination in Their Wake
Once again, unfortunately,we are left to digest and process the details of another horrible tragedy. The Oklahoma tornado last Monday is already being referred to as “one of the most destructive storms ever… READ MORE >
  |   05.28.2013
How Ready Are Environmental Professionals for E 1527-13?
For environmental due diligence firms, 2013 is the year of a new version of the ASTM E 1527 Phase I environmental site assessment standard. And updates to the protocol for Phase I ESAs… READ MORE >
  |   05.20.2013
The Global Movement is Afoot - Time to Renew Your Passport & Expand Your Knowledge Base
Please put your seats in the upright position: Next stop, Europe. In a desperate quest for growth in a tough economy, business is taking U.S.-based firms into other countries, financial institutions included. Yet… READ MORE >
  |   05.17.2013
Energy Audits Gain Traction in U.S. Market: Will Momentum Continue?
It’s not easy going green, but more states, cities, commercial property owners and managers across the country are embracing strategies to make buildings energy-efficient. In increasing numbers, states and municipalities are adopting benchmarking… READ MORE >
  |   05.16.2013
The State of the Market: In Your Own Words
May 16, 2013 How would you characterize the state of the market? That’s a question I posed to the 100+ attendees of EDR’s Annual Client Summit last week. I was preparing my own… READ MORE >
  |   05.16.2013
Residential Lending and Environmental Compliance
Screening properties for environmental concerns as part of pre-closing due diligence has been a standard practice in commercial lending for years. But in the world of residential lending, the practice has largely been… READ MORE >
  |   05.15.2013
Changing Landscape of Phase I ESAs - What It Means for You
Author: Kathryn Peacock, Partner Engineering With permission by the publisher, RMA Journal, and the author, Kathryn Peacock, EDR Insight is sharing one environmental professional’s reaction to the ASTM E 1527-13 revisions. Peacock’s detailed READ MORE >
  |   05.03.2013
Why Environmental Insurance is Becoming More Popular
Demand for environmental insurance policies is growing. Part of what is driving demand is a healthy property transaction market. Economic growth continues and with it, healthy levels of new construction activity. In the… READ MORE >
  |   05.02.2013