Policy Development for Community Banks on the Rise
Increasingly, amid intense regulator pressure, financial institutions at the smaller end of scale are implementing their first policies for managing environmental risk in commercial lending practices. This trend is in stark contrast to… READ MORE >
  |   04.26.2013
U.S. EPA Releases Federal Vapor Intrusion Guidance: Everything You Need to Know
Change is in the air on the vapor intrusion (VI) front. After much anticipation by industry professionals, on April 16, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released a draft document, the OSWER Final Guidance… READ MORE >
  |   04.25.2013
Webinar Q&A: Trio Responds to ASTM E 1527-13 Questions
On March 28, 2013, I moderated an EDR Insight webinar titled Revisions to the ASTM E 1527 Standard: Three Insiders’ Perspectives, featuring a trio of ASTM Task Group members who shared their unique… READ MORE >
  |   04.24.2013
Dianne Crocker and Bryan Flanagan Talk Pricing Pressure
Are you an environmental professional feeling pressured when it comes to setting the price for your services? Do you hear push back on price when trying to sell your Phase I ESA services?… READ MORE >
  |   04.24.2013
5,000 EPs: Top Five Issues with E 1527-13
To date, I have moderated five webinars focused on the 2013 revisions to the ASTM E 1527 Phase I ESA standard—most recently, yesterday. On top of that, I spoke on market trends at… READ MORE >
  |   04.15.2013
Webinar Q & A: Revisions to ASTM E 1527-13 - Are You Prepared?
Posted by Anthony J. Buonicore On Tuesday, April 23, 2013, EDR Insight hosted a webinar titled Revisions to the ASTM E 1527 Standard: Are You Ready?. Anthony J. Buonicore, CEO of The Buonicore… READ MORE >
  |   04.13.2013
Environmental Consultants Roundtable Series: What's In a Certification?
It’s professional, not personal—or at least it should be. That’s the view of the Phase I Environmental Consultants Roundtable (ECR) on establishing stricter standards for who can perform a Phase I environmental… READ MORE >
  |   04.11.2013
Monitoring Collateral Over Life-of-Loan
When the FDIC updated its Guidelines for an Environmental Risk Program in 2006, it recommended that lenders put in place a comprehensive program for conducting environmental due diligence during the lending process. This… READ MORE >
  |   04.11.2013
Recovery in Retail: Who's Getting There First?
Thus far, multifamily has been the belle of the recovery ball. Is retail really dead? It depends on where you look. If you are responsible for your firm’s business development, don’t overlook retail,… READ MORE >
  |   04.10.2013