Lenders Struggle with Efficiency in Tough Market Economy
The year 2013 will be a time of growth. At least that was the sentiment at last month’s Mortgage Bankers Association Convention in San Diego when MBA unveiled its near-term forecast for commercial… READ MORE >
  |   03.29.2013
Masses Tune In for EDR Insight’s Webinar: An Inside Look at ASTM E 1527-13
Masses Tune In for EDR Insight’s Webinar: An Inside Look at ASTM E 1527-13 Yesterday I moderated an EDR Insight webinar titled Revisions to the ASTM E 1527 Standard: Three Insiders’ Perspectives. The… READ MORE >
  |   03.29.2013
ASTM E 1527-13 Monthly Series - What is a CREC and How Are CREC Designations Made?
In a recent brief, 2013 – A Year of Education: Are You Ready for ASTM E 1527-13?, EDR Insight highlighted a variety of educational content dedicated to helping stakeholders prepare for the… READ MORE >
  |   03.28.2013
Industry associations: do you have a seat at the table?
Membership to an industry association has myriad benefits: networking, continuing education, job placement and in many cases, professional licensing. Environmental professionals may be Professional Geologist (PG), a Certified Hazardous Material Manager (CHMM) or… READ MORE >
  |   03.19.2013
Loan Originations Forecast to Reach $254 Billion in 2013
Good news came out of San Diego last month at the Mortgage Bankers Association CREF convention. MBA is forecasting steady growth in commercial and multifamily mortgage originations for the next three years. The… READ MORE >
  |   03.14.2013
Have you experienced Sanborn Viewer?
In January, we launched the Sanborn Viewer, a huge improvement in how consultants experience the great historical information provided by Sanborn Maps. The interactive web viewer allows you to flip through years of… READ MORE >
  |   03.14.2013
How to Overcome Your Top Business and Technical Challenges
Business and technical challenges plague every market, industry, organization and, arguably, every person. And, as unfortunate as it may be, there is never a shortage of challenges or issues. Every time you defeat… READ MORE >
  |   03.13.2013
Environmental Consultants Roundtable Series: Fighting Against Phase I ESA Commoditization
So says a group of more than 200 Phase I ESA professionals from across the country, brought together by a shared belief that the environmental due diligence industry lacks a unified voice. In… READ MORE >
  |   03.13.2013
2013 - A Year of Education: Are You Ready for ASTM E 1527-13?
Late 2013 promises to be a period of education and adjustment following the release of a revised protocol for Phase I environmental site assessments. ASTM submitted the final version to the U.S. Environmental… READ MORE >
  |   03.12.2013
Regulatory Compliance Community Banks’ Top Technology Concern
A recent survey conducted by the Independent Community Bankers of America revealed some interesting statistics among community banks. According to the 2012 survey, the top five technology concerns community banks have over the… READ MORE >
  |   03.06.2013