Tip Sheet - Why It's Risky to Ignore Vapor Migration/Intrusion in Lending Practices
Regulations and guidance surrounding vapor migration/intrusion are changing quickly. Lawsuits involving liability created by the migration of vapors from contaminated soil or groundwater are on the rise. The U.S. EPA defines the evolving… READ MORE >
  |   02.20.2012
Tip Sheet - Talking to Your Clients About Vapor Migration Risk
Environmental professionals view vapor migration/intrusion as one of their greatest technical challenges, according to EDR Insight’s latest market survey. The prospect of introducing a client to another type of risk in today’s competitive… READ MORE >
  |   02.17.2012
What Does The Lending Sector Have in Store for 2012?
Environmental due diligence in the commercial real estate lending sector will take many shapes in 2012. Banks are under pressure by regulators to minimize their exposure to environmental risk in commercial real estate… READ MORE >
  |   02.10.2012
Wave of Distress and Maturities Brings Environmental Issues to Surface
This year, a record $363 billion in maturing commercial real estate debt joins the wave of $170 billion in cumulative troubled loans that remain unresolved, including past maturities that have yet to be… READ MORE >
  |   02.06.2012
How Well Are You Protecting Yourself from Phase I ESA Liability?
One of the most significant challenges that environmental professionals face in the field is how to protect themselves from liability in their Phase I practice. On January 31, 2012, EDR Insight was fortunate… READ MORE >
  |   02.02.2012