Your ASTM E3224 Resource Center

We’ve assembled some resources to help you better understand and take advantage of ASTM’s New Building Energy Performance Assessment Standard (BEPIE)  


Prior to purchase, commercial real estate buyers and investors want to know as much as possible about a building, particularly any issues that might adversely impact its value, in order to negotiate price concessions.  This was a major driver for the development of the ASTM E2018 Property Condition Assessment Standard almost 25 years ago.

However, E2018 did not consider a building’s energy performance compared to peers. If a building is under-performing, it can result in it being less competitive in the marketplace, thus adversely impacting its value. The ASTM E3224 Building Energy Performance and Improvement Evaluation (BEPIE) Standard issued in December 2019 was developed to address this issue.

With publication of ASTM E3224, prospective purchasers now have a standardized, consistent process to assess building energy performance pre-acquisition. The new ASTM standard offers opportunity for consulting firms who can factor energy assessments into their scopes of work.

We’ve assembled some resources to help you better understand the new BEPIE standard, and prepare you for this upcoming market opportunity.

  • EBA Winter Journal Article: ASTM Announces Publication of E3224 [Click to Download], by Anthony Buonicore
  • Webinar: Understanding ASTM’s New Building Energy Assessment Standard, January 29, 2020 [Click to Watch]
  • Blog: Five things You Need to Know about ASTM’s Building Energy Performance Standard [Click to Read]
    By Dianne Crocker
  • The Standard: Purchase the E3224 Standard from ASTM. [Click to Purchase]
  • A New Way to Measure Risk, Scotsman Guide article by Anthony Buonicore [Click to Read]
  • A Guide to Building Energy Performance, ASTM article [Click to Read]

The Solution

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