Topographic Maps

Historical Topographic Maps

Historical topographic maps with QuadMatch™ aid environmental professionals in evaluating potential liability resulting from past activities. We recently launched QuadMatch™,an advanced mapping solution that intelligently presents USGS historical topographic quad maps, making review faster and easier.  Find out more about QuadMatch™. Historical Topos are offered as an option in our Basic Package and included with all Standard and Premium Package orders.

About EDR’s Historic Topographic Map Collection

  • Date back to the early 1900s
  • Your target property is centered and adjoining georeferenced maps are aligned, so you can easily review the right information every time.
  • Maps scales are unified, so you can effortlessly follow changes over time.
  • Enables your detailed review of map features with high resolution imagery.
  • Most reports delivered as one PDF
  • Identify potential environmental concerns
  • 6,500 proprietary maps

Access a legend for historical USGS Topographic Map symbols.


Current Topographic Maps

Great News!  We’ve recently updated the current topographic maps included in our products. Read about this change here.

EDR includes a current USGS Topo Map in the EDR Radius Map, Lightbox, Drawing Tools and VEC App. Created between 2010 and 2015, current topos are high resolution and delivered to you as a seamless image that you can use for your site maps and figures.

Current USGS 7.5 minute Topographic Maps are listed as a required “physical setting source” in the ASTM E1527-13 Standard (Section 8.2.4).

Access a legend for current US Topo Map symbols.



Consultants have long relied upon USGS current topographic maps to fulfill ASTM E1527’s requirement to review “Physical Setting Sources” (Section 8.2.4). Current topographic maps are essential in evaluating geologic, hydrogeologic, hydrologic, and topographic characteristics of a property. In addition, many firms use the most up-to–date current topographic map to draw their site plan for inclusion in the Phase I report.

Historical topographic maps help consultants and engineers determine how topography has changed over time with a property’s development, and may indicate possible environmental risks.

Sample Reports

EDR Radius Map with Current Topographic Map
Historical Topographic Map Report