Texas Environmental Reports

EDR has been serving Texas with trusted data and local service for more than 20 years. Our native Texas staff has the local knowledge you can rely on and we also provide several Texas-specific reports and sources.


Local Data

Exclusive EDR data sets include 28,000 Texas historical gas stations and dry cleaners. EDR owns more Sanborn maps for Texas than anyone else. We search beyond the Library of Congress, with digital & seamless access to 1.3 million maps nationwide.

Our City Directory Super Library combines an expansive network made up of
numerous databases, researchers at libraries in Texas and across the country, as well as
in-house collections. EDR connects you to more sources of city directories than any other vendor.

We’ve partnered with BuildFax in Austin, enabling you to access building permits for
63 cities in Texas, with additional coverage nationwide.

ScoreKeeper Reports

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TEXAS Phase I ESA Market Performance vs. U.S. Phase I ESA Market
Fourth Quarter 2014

TEXAS Phase I ESA Market Performance vs. U.S. Phase I ESA Market

Workflow Solutions

The PARCEL platform creates unprecedented efficiency and ease in report writing, project management, quality control and business intelligence.

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Lightbox offers a new way to analyze environmental data. With an advanced viewer for government records and historical sources, you’ll actually enjoy your review process! Integrated drawing tools allow you to create professional figures for your report.

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Texas Environmental Reports 

In addition to providing trusted government records and historical sources, EDR also offers Texas-specific reports.

Texas Oil and Gas Well Review

Data from the Texas Railroad Commission, showing the location of
wells (oil, gas, salt and dry) within a specified radius

Texas Oil & Gas

Texas Water Well Review

Well locations within a specified search radius, based on map review at the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) and the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission (TNRCC)

Texas Water well


Sample Reports

EDR Texas Oil and Gas Sample Report
EDR Texas Water Well Sample