Tax Monitoring

Collateral360 now offers you the ability to monitor the tax records of your properties. Partnering with LERETA, the leader in tax monitoring, Collateral360 makes it easy to keep up-to-date on the tax status of any or all properties in your portfolio. You can now order life-of-loan monitoring at time of origination, select a one time search on an existing property in your portfolio, or choose to check your entire portfolio.

Tax searches provide critical details of real time information such as outstanding and delinquent tax amounts, current tax amounts, and property tax due dates.

With Collateral360 you have access to:

  • Real time, accurate tax reports
  • Life-of-loan tax monitoring for new loan origination
  • One time, individual property tax search
  • Existing portfolio tax monitoring
  • 100% National coverage
  • Over 25,230 tax authorities
  • Reports for either residential or commercial


Delinquent property taxes can be a form of loan default, jeopardizing a lender’s lien position and putting collateral at risk. Complicating matters is the fact that monitoring property taxes is no simple task. One reason is that local government processes vary greatly, and under-standing the inner workings of each county or municipal tax system is complicated. The larger your lending foot print is, the more complicated it becomes.