Environmental Compliance Offerings

Looking for a comprehensive look at current government environmental filings to meet your compliance needs? EDR has you covered through four targeted environmental compliance report options.

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AuditCheck™ Facility Report

This report provides a comprehensive view of current government environmental filings on a U.S. facility. It also includes a detailed regulatory information audit on air emissions, water discharges, waste management and disposal, and health and safety issues.

AuditCheck™ Facility/Corporate Report

In addition to current government filings on a single facility, corporate liability and enforcement records are searched based on the corporate name, subsidiaries, affiliates and aliases. Corporate names are provided by the user or can be researched by EDR.

Industrial Site Addendum

This report Includes a Facility Summary (summary of facility filings, including a review of air emissions, water discharges and health & safety issues), Facility Detail Reports (all available detailed information from databases where the site is identified) and documentation of databases searched and update information.

Corporate Family Tree

The EDR AuditCheck Corporate Family Tree Report identifies facilities listed in current government filings based upon a search of a corporation name (can include subsidiaries, affiliates, and aliases). For each Facility EDR will search Air Emissions, Water Discharge, Waste Management, Waste Disposal, Multimedia and Health and Safety databases.

AuditCheck™ Risk Sharing Report

This report lists the top 100 waste generators that dispose of waste at a treatment, storage and disposal (TSD) facility.  Information on wastes shipped and total quantities of wastes shipped to each TSD are included.

AuditCheck™ Destination Report

This report lists the TSD facilities to which a waste generator shipped waste. Information on wastes shipped and total quantities of wastes shipped to each TSD are included.

EDR Offsite Receptor Report

The EDR Offsite Receptor Report provides information to evaluate worst-case accidental chemical release scenarios, such as those required in risk management plans under the Clean Air Act. The report determines the residential population and identifies public and environmental sensitive receptors like wilderness areas, natural resources, schools, nursing homes and more within the release radius.


EDR’s AuditCheck reports are used by property owner or investors and their consultants to aid in complying with environmental regulations and mitigating risk.

Sample Reports

EDR AuditCheck Facility/Corporate Report
EDR Corporate Family Tree
EDR AuditCheck Destination Report
EDR Offsite Receptor Report