EDR Mobile App

The EDR Mobile app makes the most of the time you spend out of the office. Capture photos and compose captions and notes from the Android or iOS device you prefer and save the information securely for use back at the office.

No service? No problem. EDR Mobile works on and offline, so you can save your work locally until a WiFi or cellular connection is available.

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App Highlights

  • Capture photos for your projects on your favorite iOS or Android device: smart phones, iPod touch and tablets are all supported
  • Write captions for photos as you take them for greater accuracy
  • Photos, captions and notes save to a secure download area online
  • Enhance collaboration by sending field data back to the office while you travel
  • Access your projects from EDR Mobile through a secure, email-based log in
  • PARCEL users can save photos, notes, default language, and table data directly to their existing PARCEL report

Get started with EDR Mobile

  • Download the app from the Apple or Android App Store
  • Log in with your PARCEL account or create an EDR User account
    • Android users can create an account in-app
    • Apple users, please email support to set up an account
  • Access your existing projects by search or start a new one


The EDR Mobile app can be used to collect data for any property investigation. Simply open the app on your phone and collect photos and notes as you conduct your site visit. When you’re back at the office, download photos and notes or access them in your PARCEL report.

We provide templates for Phase I ESAs and Property Condition Assessments at no charge.

By popular demand, we now offer custom Mobile templates for any scope! Asbestos screens, client-specific scopes, mold assessments, NEPA, compliance–you name it, we can build it!

PARCEL users can access any of their custom or optimized templates directly in the app.