City Directory Report

What’s the best way to find City Directory information? Search our City Directory Super Library, the largest collection of historical city directory information ever assembled. Through exclusive agreements with major publishers, our own hard copy and digital collections, and our mobile research facilities at major libraries across the country, our City Directory reports provide you with unmatched national coverage and speed of access. We add content to the City Directory Super Library regularly, keeping it up-to-date and expanding coverage from additional sources.

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What makes EDR’s City Directory Reports the best?

  • Through the Super Library, “No Coverage” has been virtually eliminated
  • We own the Haines and Stewart directory collections, providing the only reuse permission in the industry
  • We’ve established agreements with Polk, Bressers and Cole including copyright and reuse
  • Our in-house collection contains 3,400 hard copy books
  • We’ve digitized billions of records, speeding turn around time
  • 20 expert field researchers around the country access trusted but difficult-to-access resources

The City Directory Image Report

The City Directory Image Report delivers an actual image of the relevant portion of the directory page. Our field researchers will include images even if street name or numbering has changed, or the property is undeveloped or vacant.

Four things to expect from the City Directory Image Report

  •  Review images of the primary source
  •  The ability to better identify adjoining properties
  •  Permission to reuse images in your Phase I report
  •  Coverage in all 50 states (availability varies by location)

City Directory Text Abstracts

City directory abstracts provide you with detailed directory information, including the names of occupants. In over 450 cities, the City Directory Abstract is provided via electronic search and mapping methods, which enable a radius-based search of directory records.



City directories have been published in the United States for over 100 years and provide a record of property occupants indicative of past use and potential environmental issues. A City Directory Report provides coverage at approximately 5-year intervals. Through many publishing and copyright agreements, all the information and images in EDR’s City Directory Report is suitable for inclusion in your Phase I ESA or other report deliverable.