Agency File Retrieval

Even 25 years after the advent of database reports for Phase I ESAs, consultants still find themselves visiting state agencies to pull site files for about 60% of their projects. While these files can be pertinent to making REC determinations and complying with ASTM E1527-13, agencies are often located many miles away from target properties and your company office.

We now offer a service that eliminates this hassle and expense. A verified and highly-insured Environmental Professional from EDR’s Advisory Partner Program will visit the agency on your behalf, review your target property’s file and deliver the critical information back to you.

The Agency File Retrieval Service gives you:

  •  A fixed cost for retrieving agency files
  •  Ability to conduct file review, even when the state agency is far away
  • Compliance with ASTM E1527 Standard
  • Assurance of strong E&O coverage from both EDR and our Advisory Partners
  • Communication directly with the EP visiting the agency
  • Convenience of documents delivered via a secure URL or directly to your PARCEL Report Project

We currently offer this service for the Connecticut and Massachusetts Departments of Environmental Protection, and are working on rolling it out nationwide.