New Package Webinar Recap plus Q&A

Over the past few weeks, we’ve held informative webinars to help you get ready for the new EDR Packages. During the events, our product team covered the details of our new package offerings. Here are the highlights:

  • The new packages are driven by workflow technology and include Lightbox and EDR Mobile App
  • Lightbox lets you to experience your data and content in a sleek, web-based environment
  • Drawing tools within Lightbox allow you to create high-quality site maps and figures for your reports
  • With EDR Mobile, you can write notes and capture and caption photos in the field, with easy download back at the office
  • Recovered Government Archives (RGA) provide critical information about site histories that may have been overwritten by updates to government databases

If you missed the event, or want to hear the details again, here is a recording of our January 6, 2014 webinar.

We received lots of questions during the events, and couldn’t get to all of them within the hour. Here are answers to the questions we couldn’t cover. We also have an FAQ page with the most common questions we’ve received about the new packages.

Q. What drove EDR to make changes to the packages?
A. The package relaunch is EDR’s response to changes in technology, demand for EP-centric workflow solutions and availability of new data and content sources.

Q. What is the standard turnaround time for the new packages?­
A. Turnaround times for the new packages will be the same as the former packages. Delivery speed varies for each package component. For example, the EDR Radius Map is generally ready in six to eight business hours. City Directory Reports are ready in generally two to five days. Aerials are generally available in two to five days. Certified Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps are delivered within one day.

Q. ­How is the EDR Building Permit Report data acquired?­ How often is the building permit data updated?­
A. Building Permit information is acquired from Building Department electronic records. EDR has an exclusive agreement with Buildfax, Inc. which acquires this information from Building Departments across the United States, covering over 1600 cities. Update schedules for building permits vary by building department. For information about specific building departments, contact your EDR representative.

Q: ­Will the site polygon be depicted on the historical report deliverables, like the EDR Aerial Photo Decade Package, or only in Lightbox?­­
A. The target property polygon is available in the Radius Map Report and in Lightbox and can be shown on the Historical Reports inside of Lightbox. The polygon is not available in historical PDF reports.

Q: ­The RGA databases seem likely to create additional work for me. The example RGA LUST did not say “Closed” or other resolution. Now I have to research a site where the file is no longer available from the regulator?­­
A. For the majority of locations, RGA records link up to current government records, and therefore you can review current status information along with the historical timeline for an RGA record. More importantly, though, in some cases RGA records do not link to a record in a current database – usually because the state agency has removed the record from their database. Those records have tremendous value, because they describe the history of a site, even when the state no longer includes the record in their database.

Q: ­Are there still a la carte options (for example, chain of title, etc.)­­
A. Yes. All EDR reports are available a la carte.

Q: ­Will our “company” standards for the radius map search remain intact or will we have to go in and set them again?­­
A. Client Standard search distances remain intact. We have not modified any search distances.

Q: Will existing orders include the new options?­
A. Existing orders will be fulfilled by EDR according to how they were placed originally. We will not add new features into previously placed orders.

Q: Who will pay for the online storage?­
A. EDR pays for online storage fees associated with the new packages.

Q: Is there a time period or deadline when Lightbox will not be available after a property has been ordered?­
A. At this time, Lightbox data is stored for an unlimited length of time.