Changing the way lenders underwrite and manage their real estate assets.

Imagine a single platform to manage all aspects of property due diligence including appraisals, evaluations, environmental, flood, site inspections, tax reports, and more.

Collateral360® helps improve the efficiency of your workflow, the way you manage risk and compliance, and how you access data to make important business decisions—all within a secure, web-based environment. The platform makes it easy to manage vendors and procure third-party services, helping you to close loans quicker and smarter.

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Collateral360® supports more than 20,000 lending transactions a month,
representing over a trillion dollars a year in real estate assets.

900 financial institutions, 40,000 individual lender users, more than 8,000 vendors, managing transactions internationally in 26 different countries!


Workflow efficiency

Realize operational efficiencies by connecting the core systems, processes and people associated with property due diligence, and streamlining tasks across your enterprise.

Prudent risk management

Better manage property-related risk as part of the underwriting process and over the life of loan, as well as associated operational risks.

Smart data

Expand your business intelligence by unlocking the power of your data to support sound lending and business decisions.

Simplify compliance

Infuse lending policies into your workflow to ensure each transaction is managed to credit, risk and regulatory standards through Collateral360’s policy-infused technology.


See how Collateral360® can drive speed and efficiency across every transaction.

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