Your ASTM E3224 Resource Center
We’ve assembled some resources to help you better understand and take advantage of ASTM’s New Building Energy Performance Assessment Standard (BEPIE)   Background Prior to purchase, commercial real estate buyers and investors want to know as much as possible about a building, particularly any issues that might adversely impact its value, in order to negotiate price concessions.  This was a major driver for the development of the ASTM E2018 Property Condition Assessment Standard almost 25 years ago. However, E2018 did not… READ MORE >
First Mid Bank Experiences Increase Efficiency and Streamlined Workflows with Collateral360.
The real estate industry is vastly different than it was just a decade ago. The market is strong, fueled by an expanding economy and consistently low-interest rates. Keeping up with demand and meeting… READ MORE >
  |   02.24.2020
Phoenix reception honors the first class of mentee graduates Inspired by the Developing Leaders Award category at the annual PRISM conference, LightBox created a mentor program in January 2019, in collaboration with Truist… READ MORE >
  |   01.29.2020
E3224 Brings Building Energy Performance into Commercial Property Due Diligence In an exciting development for anyone involved in Property Condition Assessments, an ASTM Task Group just finalized the new E 3224 Building Energy… READ MORE >
  |   12.18.2019
DDD TRACK HIGHLIGHT: PFAS-The Trifecta of Technical, Legal and Practical Insights
Answers on How To Address PFAS Risk as Regulations Take Shape Emerging information on the dangers of Polyfluoroalkyl Substances, or PFAS, is creating confusion and concern across the environmental industry. Many states have… READ MORE >
  |   11.13.2019
DDD TRACK HIGHLIGHT: Tips for Assessing Vapor Migration Risk
In October, we hosted three Due Diligence at Dawn/Dusk events in Detroit, Edison and Arlington. One track, titled Vapor Migration Case Studies in Phase I ESAs, was presented by Anthony Buonicore, P.E., BCEE,… READ MORE >
  |   10.31.2019
OPINION: Now is When Commercial Lenders Need to Prepare for the Next Recession
NOTE TO READERS: This article was published by National Mortgage News on August 29, 2019, and is reprinted here with permission from the publisher. Author: Dianne Crocker July 1, 2019, was an important… READ MORE >
  |   09.04.2019
A NEW LOOK AT THE METROS OUT IN FRONT IN 2019: Top 5 Phase I ESA Markets by Size
Late last month, I delivered my mid-year market update, highlighting key trends in commercial real estate this year—and what that’s meant for the volume of Phase I environmental site assessments across the U.S.… READ MORE >
  |   08.22.2019
Banks, Credit Unions at Odds Over New Evaluation Rule
After a long period of stasis, there has been a cascade of updates to Federal regulations on when real estate appraisals are required by lenders. The shift began in 2018 when the Office… READ MORE >
  |   08.20.2019