EDR’s City Directory Super Library

I have exciting news to share from EDR. As part of our commitment to bring you the most accurate, thorough and user-friendly information possible, we are making a $3.2 million investment to enhance and expand our historical sources collections over the next three years.

Today we are thrilled to announce the first phase of this investment program: a project we call EDR’s City Directory Super Library. This is the first undertaking of its kind to aggregate city directory resources from across the nation into a single consolidated repository. It will provide EDR’s clients with unmatched years and geographic coverage to support comprehensive and accurate environmental due diligence efforts.

To power the EDR City Directory Super Library, we have recently made the following investments:

  • The acquisition from Haines & Company of their entire collection of over 3,000 historical city directories, ranging from 1933-2012, and a license to future city directories produced by Haines. This gives EDR the right to reproduce copyrighted materials for inclusion in your Phase I report or other work products.
  • An agreement with Cole Information Company which provides EDR with rights to Cole’s electronic database of over 2 billion city directory records, covering 1992 to the present, and to incorporate data from such database in reports to EDR’s clients.

Adding these extensive archives from Haines and Cole to EDR’s already extensive in-house collections, our existing agreements with InfoUSA/Polk, and our mobile research facilities, will result in the most extensive city directory library in the nation.

Our goal is simple – to provide you the most comprehensive historical research collection for environmental due diligence available anywhere and bring this collection to your desktop. Our efforts started in 1996, when we acquired the Sanborn Map Company assets, giving our clients access to the only complete collection of Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps in the country. We have followed that with ongoing aerial photo acquisitions, and we are pleased to share that these investments will continue for years to come.

Each of us at EDR would like to thank you for your business and wish you continued success. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or any member of the EDR Team.


Rob Barber, CEO