A Look at How COVID-19 is Impacting the Commercial Real Estate Industry

How did the commercial real estate industry react after the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early spring, and where are we now? Dianne Crocker, principal analyst at LightBox, answers those questions and more in an article published in the summer edition of the EBA Journal. 

From an environmental consultant’s perspective, Dianne talks about the immediate slowdown some companies faced, the impacts the pandemic is having on staff, and how firms are working around social distancing and stay-at-home orders to complete site inspections. From a lender’s perspective, Dianne talks about the rapid actions taken by lenders, including reducing in-person meetings with clients, effects of the federal stimulus, how lenders’ risk aversion grew, and the focus for the near-term on addressing tenant issues.

Dianne also shares some data about how the market is doing currently, and what different paths to recovery may look like. There are many different opinions on when and how the commercial real estate market may recover, and there are many different factors to take into consideration.

To read the full story, check out Dianne’s article here.