5 New Product Enhancements to the PARCEL Platform

At LightBox, innovation is at the core of what we do. We are always working to enhance our solutions so they remain best-in-class. If you’re an environmental consultant using our PARCEL platform, you’ve probably experienced some of this innovation lately. 

The information in your Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), Property Condition Assessments (PCAs) or other scopes of work is extremely important to your clients, and you want your final product to be the best. Below are some recent enhancements we’ve made to the PARCEL platform, all designed to simplify workflow and improve user experience. 

  1. Adding, Designing and Editing Tables

Tables are used frequently in most environmental reports to help organize and communicate important data and information. We’ve made it easy for users to add tables to their reports. Users with the appropriate access level can also now edit and enhance their tables in a variety of ways, giving you flexibility and control over the way your data is presented. 

  1. Creating Templates

PARCEL users can now create their own report templates. You can easily copy an existing template, including one of your own or a PARCEL optimized template and modify it to meet your needs. Your final output retains your company’s brand and style guidelines, as well as any customizations made. 

  1. Company Spellcheck

While PARCEL users have always had the ability to add words to their own dictionary, they can now add acceptable words to a company-level dictionary. This new feature makes it easy to create and maintain a company-level dictionary, speeds up the overall spell check process, and provides consistency across your firm.

  1. Multiple Resumes

Users can now upload multiple resumes to their account profiles, and then select the appropriate one when signing off on a report. This allows users to include resumes specific to a project’s unique requirements such as property type, work scope, or other. 

  1. Mark a Section Complete

When a report section in PARCEL is finished, simply select the “complete” option. The status is indicated on the table of contents, and a completion percentage is updated. This makes it easy to track a report’s progress and what remains to be completed. 

PARCEL powers workflow for thousands of due diligence projects each year. Environmental Consultants choose PARCEL to manage investigations from initiating and bidding on a project through collecting data in the field, writing and assembling a report, QA/QC, project manager sign-off, all the way through delivering a final report to the customer.

PARCEL can be used on any scope of work: ESAs, PCAs, NEPA, RSRAs, asbestos surveys, mold assessments. If you can define the scope, PARCEL can help you create efficiencies and quality control mechanisms that result in a higher-quality deliverable for your client, and peace-of-mind for your team.

To learn more about the new product enhancements and how PARCEL can help you deliver your best work faster, contact us