Josh Linkner Wants You to Get Creative
Five Obsessions of Innovators from PRISM17’s Keynote Josh Linkner, a successful business leader, venture capitalist, tech entrepreneur and author, is a man on a mission. A mission to help the world unleash its… READ MORE >
  |   05.10.2017
Six Millennial Trends Changing the Face of Our Cities
Millennials are flocking to our cities, and profoundly changing the way that metros are designed, and how commercial real estate is built, used and managed. This timely article, authored by upcoming PRISM speaker,… READ MORE >
  |   04.03.2017
EDR Insight's Market Confidence Index: SEATTLE
Growing market, strong forces driving growth and competitive pressures In a market that one respondent characterized as “flooded with consultants and competition,” the Seattle market for due diligence is rising according to 51%… READ MORE >
  |   01.03.2017
EDR Insight's Market Confidence Index: Orange County and LA
66% of local due diligence consultants characterize the Orange County metro as a growing market, and a slightly lower 55% for the LA metro—“picking up over the last couple of years.” We closed… READ MORE >
  |   12.19.2016
What Is Your Firm Doing to Design a "Future Worth Fighting For?"
Last month in Austin, TX, EDR hosted its first-ever PRISM conference, bringing together more than 100 risk management and property due diligence professionals to exchange ideas and insights on the issues reshaping our… READ MORE >
  |   06.02.2016
Industry Insider Speaks Out on Growth/Opportunities in Market Recovery
The Executive Review 2016 edition of EBJ, published by Environmental Business International, included a Q&A with Holly Neber, President of AEI Consultants. EDR Insight is grateful for permission from EBI to post a… READ MORE >
  |   03.01.2016
Q&A with Industry Veteran: Downturn Emphasizes Need for Better Risk Management
The Executive Review 2016 edition of EBJ, published by Environmental Business International, included a Q&A with Elizabeth Krol, a Professional Geologist (P.G.) and National Client Manager with Partner Engineering and Science Inc. EDR… READ MORE >
  |   02.22.2016
Recovery, Optimism, Caution: A Look at Risk Management in 2016
NOTE TO READERS: This brief, authored by EDR Insight’s Dianne Crocker, was just published in the January 2016 Commercial Real Estate Direct’s Year-End 2015 edition. RECOVERY, OPTIMISM, CAUTION: A LOOK at Risk Management READ MORE >
  |   01.11.2016
STRATEGIC ALERT: Six Ways to Differentiate Your Firm
For as long as I’ve been an analyst in the property due diligence industry, environmental professionals have been challenged by the need to differentiate themselves in a price-competitive market. Today’s industry is as READ MORE >
  |   10.08.2015
Top 10 Metros for Commercial Property Due Diligence in 2015
Geographic hot spots for property due diligence paint an interesting picture of where future commercial real estate deals will be closing. Much like the Architectural Billings Index is an economic indicator of future… READ MORE >
  |   07.23.2015