DDD Fall Wrap Up: 4Q17 Update on a Market in Transition
EDR just wrapped up our fall Due Diligence at Dawn series in Houston, Dallas and Boston. The property due diligence market is a market in transition. Transition due to the cyclical nature of the market. Transition due to regulatory forces on lending operations. And transition due to technological advances. Within this transition is disruption—but also opportunity. That’s where my focus was at the fall events. A few highlights from my 4Q17 market update track: Commercial real estate deal-making is moderating.… READ MORE >
DMGT announces that it is exploring strategic options for EDR, a US property information business that generated $26 million of operating profit from $71 million of revenue in FY 2016 and is part… READ MORE >
  |   11.30.2017
EDR Expands its International Offerings by Providing Due Diligence Workflow Tools for Properties in the United Kingdom
EDR, the leading provider of environmental risk and historical property use information and technology in North America is excited to announce an expanded partnership with its sister company, Landmark Information. Landmark is the… READ MORE >
  |   11.17.2017
“Now Is Not the Time to Sit Back”
Strategic Growth Tips for Environmental Consulting Firms Believe it or not, it’s November already, which means the end of the year is coming up fast. It’s time to start thinking about how your… READ MORE >
  |   11.08.2017
On October 19th, EDR hosted a webinar to provide the industry with a first look at the nine key areas of changes to the environmental requirements under the new SBA SOP… READ MORE >
  |   11.03.2017
Happy New Fiscal Year! Market Readies Itself For Changes To SBA’S Environmental Requirements
** Part II of our webinar series on the new SOP was held yesterday, October 19, for 400 attendees across the U.S. If you missed it, the replay is available here with detailed… READ MORE >
  |   10.16.2017
Boston CLRM: Construction Lending Amid Market Shift
At the end of September, I had the pleasure of speaking at the Construction Lenders Risk Management forum in downtown Boston. Hosted by Partner Engineering’s Bill Tryon and Elizabeth Krol, the event drew… READ MORE >
  |   10.05.2017
Boom On! A Look at the Positive Forces Impacting Site Redevelopment
Last Thursday I hosted a webinar, titled “Site Assessment and Redevelopment Opportunities in the New Political Climate.”  I was very fortunate to be joined by three leading experts in the brownfields space who… READ MORE >
  |   10.05.2017
Is Your Bank's Appraisal Policy Up to Par? Tips from the Experts
Yesterday EDR, in collaboration with the ICBA, hosted a webinar titled “Are Your Appraisal Policies & Procedures Compliant?” The focus was on the types of things that trip up banks during an audit… READ MORE >
  |   09.20.2017