EDR Event Response Center

Hurricane Harvey Resources

Amidst speculation of toxic chemicals in the Houston flood waters, EDR has launched an event response center to provide free data, maps, and access to its online community of experts.

Please find links to a variety of resources below. We are ready to provide additional resources to local officials and first responders. Make custom data requests here.

Interactive Maps

We have unlocked access to a variety of data sets that could assist in the Hurricane Harvey recovery. This initial data set includes street maps, aerial photography, and important government records about environmental hazards. Check back often as we plan to add data sets like water wells and flood plain information as conditions in the impacted area evolve. View the map here.

Use your mouse to zoom in and out of the map to show additional details. Each point on the map represents a potential toxic site. Click on a site for more details.

Additional Resources

Request Additional Data from EDR Harris County Public Health
Houston Emergency Operations Center
Read EDR's Press Release

Hurricane Irma Resources

Ask the Experts

We are also opening our online community, EDR Connect, to the public. EDR Connect is an online destination where environmental consultants and other real estate experts exchange ideas and answer questions. Residents, first responders, government agencies or anyone impacted by Harvey can ask questions about potential hazards to experts nationwide.

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