Wilshire Bank Improves Appraisal Management Workflow

Deborah Shin
Wilshire Bank
Credit Administration Department

“We adopted Collateral360 in March 2014 and use it for managing our appraisal procurement process. Prior to that we did everything manually. We typed our engagement letters and other correspondents in Word, did everything by email…it was very time consuming and hectic. With our engagement letter template in the Platform it simplifies everything.  It’s now easier to receive appraisal reports and find them later. Everything is in one “file” – engagement, invoice, report.”

“Managing vendors is easier as Collateral360’s tools allow me to find things quickly instead of searching through each file for each vendor. The Platform has made our workflow and processes smoother and more efficient. And if we ever have any questions or concerns, the EDR Lender staff is very helpful!”