No time to read a thousand pages? Check out the Summary Radius Map!

Ever have that feeling of dread when you place an order for Phase I ESA data, knowing that your Radius Map Report is going to be 1,000 pages long? Worry no more!

All EDR Radius Map Reports include our Summary Radius Map Report as an attachment to the main report. It includes all the critical information you’d want at your fingertips including a summary of mapped sites, key information surfaced for quick review and clickable links to related information in the main report, all in 80-95% fewer pages! Want to try it out for yourself? Just open the PDF of your next order and look for the red tab on the left side of the page.

How might you use a Summary Radius Map Report?

Here are just a few of the ways consultants are using their summary reports:

  • Quickly review any issues that popped up in your database search from the Mapped Sites Summary.
  • Print the Summary Radius Map Report and bring it on your site visit as a reference tool.
  • Include it in your Phase I ESA rather than thousands of pages that your client will likely never read.

While the average EDR Radius Map Report with Geocheck has about 400 pages, most Summary Radius Maps contain fewer than 50!

Have you tried the Summary Report already? What do you think? How are you using it?