Taking Historical Aerials to New Heights

Clear, crisp historical aerials with the right years of coverage help make your assessments more efficient and effective. That’s why EDR has been focusing tirelessly on further building the nation’s largest private collection of historical aerials. In just this past year we’ve improved quality, increased coverage and reduced delivery time of EDR Historical aerials by:

  1. Acquiring 482,250 high-quality historical aerials from the most sought-after collections, including:
    • Aerial Viewpoint (NJ, CA, TX, NY and more!)
    • Brewster Pacific (CA)
    • Landiscore (AZ, NV, CA)
  2. Geo-referencing these images to ensure your target property is centered and turnaround time is faster than ever

And we aren’t stopping there. In 2015, we will add thousands more aerial photos, continue to improve the quality of our imagery and increase the breath of our coverage nationwide. Have you noticed the difference?