Supporting Your Business During the COVID-19 Pandemic

At EDR/LightBox, the health and safety of our clients, their families, and our own employees are first and foremost top of mind. The world has changed tremendously in the past month, and signs indicate the pandemic will have a lasting effect on many aspects of our lives. While we all focus on implementing new measures to limit the spread of this pandemic and reduce the burden on our medical system, we are also focused on how we can best support our clients’ business operations during this rapidly-changing time.

In this age of restricted travel, social distancing, agency closures and general unpredictability, we can help you stay connected to your information, supply chains, network and clients – that is critical.

At last week’s Environmental Bankers Call on COVID-19,  EPs and lenders raised some of the challenges they’re seeing in the field related to site visits, access to data sources and more. Consultants are working hard to adjust their practices given these obstacles in an effort to support their clients’ due diligence efforts as best they can. The EDR/LightBox team remains committed to connecting you with the information and stakeholders that are essential to your operations. Below are some of the ways we support your business during the pandemic.

Staying Connected: Our workflow tools like PARCEL and LightBox allow for secure and easy online collaboration and file sharing amongst your team. EDR Mobile allows staff or others to easily capture photos and notes on site and transmit to PARCEL, or our free download area.  If you’re relying on virtual site visits in lieu of in-person walk-throughs, PARCEL and EDR’s free Mobile app can help – available for download here

Additionally, PARCEL’s connection to our lending platform Collateral360, used by more than 1,100 lending institutions, keeps you engaged with your clients in a secure environment, allowing you to receive and respond to bid requests, and upload and transmit large files and reports.

Coverage During Travel Restrictions: If you have a project that is out of state or outside your normal coverage footprint and need a referral of a local environmental professional, just call your EDR/LightBox Sales or Customer Care representative and make use of their long-standing relationships with companies/professionals in every state.

Access to Data: EDR/LightBox has invested in scanning millions of documents and billions of listings from City Directories available in the “City Directory Super Library”.  With this extensive repository of digitized historical information, we can continue to offer excellent quality and coverage, with no impact on availability or turnaround, to help you complete your Phase I’s, Desktop Reviews, etc. on time.

Data Currency: EDR continually updates government records (including those maintained at a federal, state, local and tribal level) more frequently than the 90-day time period that is required for compliance with AAI and ASTM E1527.

COVID-19 Related Resources: We will continue to monitor the situation and communicate any changes that may impact the ability to acquire or provide environmental information. We have assembled several resources that we hope are useful.

  • Recent EDR/LightBox webcast recording: Addressing the Physical and Psychological Risks of the COVID-19 Virus is available to share with staff and clients –  Read More.
  • Letter from our CEO Eric Frank: Our Commitment to You During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Read More.
  • EDR/LightBox Blog: Library of Congress, Others Close Under COVID-19 Concerns, Read More.

If you have any questions or specific needs that we can address, please do not hesitate to reach out to your EDR/LightBox representative.

We hope you and your family remain healthy and safe.