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Since we opened for business in 1990, our mission has been to promote the environmental consulting industry and fill the needs of environmental consultants and engineers, and we’ve remained committed … READ MORE >
Valuing property as part of the commercial lending process is a critical task. We help appraisers streamline their process and simplify the workflow between them and their lender clients, all … READ MORE >
For over a decade, building assessment professionals have relied on the PARCEL platform to streamline workflow for Property Condition Assessments, Building Energy Performance Audits and other building assessment scopes of… READ MORE >
Uncover critical environmental information to make informed decisions about corporate real estate transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, and real estate assets managed. We have the information you need to make… READ MORE >
If you are a state, county, city, municipality, or other government official focusing on brownfield redevelopment or other environmental assessment projects, we can help you inventory, characterize, assess, and conduct… READ MORE >
Home buyers today have more questions than ever; help them make the right decision. Join a growing group of home inspectors who realize the importance of screening for environmental contamination… READ MORE >
We understand that efficiency, accuracy, ease of use and cost are important concerns for insurance companies. We offer optimal solutions that help you conduct environmental review on commercial properties you… READ MORE >
EDR helps real estate lenders such as banks, credit unions, capital investors and others with their property due diligence needs by simplifying their lending operations, improving risk management, and meeting… READ MORE >
Did you know that 85% of residential properties have public records of environmental contamination within a 1/2 mile? The good news is that you can help ensure your family’s safety… READ MORE >