EDR Insight Property Contamination Tracker: NOVEMBER

EDR, the innovator of the world’s largest and most accurate database of environmental and historical land use records, released its November 2013 Property Contamination Tracker.

EDR Insight regularly tracks news stories about past contamination impacting commercial and residential properties in the United States. Below, organized by state, is a table of the top 20 stories published in the past month. Each one involves historical property use(s) (e.g., gas station, dry cleaner, manufacturing plant, landfill, etc.) that resulted in contamination impacting a target or surrounding properties (e.g., single-family homes, multifamily properties, office buildings, strip malls, etc.).

1 AL Superfund Testing Unearths Park Contamination Recreation Area Not specified Not specified
2 CA State to Test Housing Tract for Contamination Residential tract Not specified Not specified
3 CA Court Revives Suit Over Contamination at Housing Site Residential housing complex Petroleum Tank farm
4 CA Testing Probes Community Risk from Battery Plant Residential Lead, arsenic Battery recycling plant
5 FL In the Shadow of ‘Old Smokey,’ a Toxic Legacy Residential Lead, arsenic, cadmium Incinerator
6 FL Fuel Leak Contaminates Groundwater  Residential wells and irrigation Petroleum Gas station
7 FL Mall Owners Ask for Site Cleanup Help  Retail Petroleum, PCE Gas station/dry cleaner
8 FL Cleanup of Neighborhood Soil Underway Residential Arsenic, PAHs, dioxins Wood treatment plant
9 IL Hundreds of USTs Leaking in Chicago Not specified Petroleum Various
10 MA Boston Globe’s Contamination Limits Development  Commercial Petroleum Fuel storage
11 MD Council to Discuss Water Project Residential subdivision TCE Unspecified
12 MI Realtor Misled Buyers of Contaminated Condo Residential Chlorinated solvents Factory
13 MN State to Update Residents on Vapor Plume Residential TCE, vapor Cleaning, degreasing
14 MT Lawsuit Alleges Oil Spill Damages Residential Petroleum, vapor Crude oil storage
15 NJ Community Facing Lengthy Chemical Cleanup Residential, commercial PCE Former dry cleaner
16 NJ Uneasiness Over Former Superfund Site Residential PCE Former dry cleaner
17 NJ Contamination Prompts Neighborhood Testing Residential PCE Pharmaceutical
18 NJ Oil Tanks Leak During Sandy, Owners Sue City Residential Petroleum UST
19 NJ Hamilton Site Still Highly Contaminated Residential development Lead, PAHs Gun range
20 VT Cleanup Prospects Unclear for Asbestos Mine Not specified  Asbestos Mine